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 We are a volunteer group who want to share the joy that our dogs bring us with other people. Those people may be children with reading difficulties, or adults and children in hospitals, nursing homes, or hospice settings. The people we visit are separated from family and home and are isolated from society due to living situation, age, illness, or educational limitations.

 We started as a group in 2001 with three people who felt strongly that there was a need for this type of organization and since then we have grown enough to cover a larger area and more varied populations. We serve the south and southwest suburbs of Chicago.

 Our dogs are both pedigree as well as the dog found in the street. All have gone to obedience classes and beyond and maintain that training at all times. All of our dogs have been tested with their handlers and meet certain criteria set by The Touch of Heeling Therapy Dogs. Visits are free.

 The Touch of Heeling dog teams are special volunteers who take time out of their busy schedules to visit with people. Our members are from all professions such as: veterinarians, teachers, nurses, business owners, accountants, dog trainers, and homemakers.

 We come from varied backgrounds with one goal in mind—to bring comfort.


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MARCH 2011

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March 27th

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